Director of Mentoring

Dr. John “Jeff” Neal

Mentoring Group

General Information

COD members understand the challenges involved in preparing for the ABE exams. Through their own experiences, these mentors are able to offer the right direction and support to current Candidates. One of the major changes to the Track for Board Certification is the ability of Candidates to select the order in which they wish to complete the Board Certification Process. This option played a positive impact on the Candidates challenging board, marking the beginning of a much awaited change for our specialty.

One of the most common and important questions a Candidate asks before challenging the boards:

What difference does mentoring make in the journey to Board certification?

Answer: Proper guidance and advice to help you succeed!

What exactly does a Mentor do?


  1. Orientation to the various parts of the Board Certification Process
  2. Proper management of information and material to cover
  3. Assistance in developing a support study group
  4. Give Mock Orals in preparation for the Oral Exam
  5. Provide valuable feedback on your Case History Portfolio
  6. Emotional support
  7. Tips on time management

If you would like a mentor, the COD maintains a list of successful, recent Board Candidates who are ready to assist you. Please click here to submit a mentor request.

Additional Mentoring Resources