The College of Diplomates has initiated a new program to promote awareness of and interest in Board certification among endodontic residents nationwide. The College will provide travel grants to accredited advanced endodontic education programs in which the program director wants to invite a Director of the American Board of Endodontics to his/her program. Each travel grant is funded to a maximum of $500. The College can approve up to 6 grants per academic year.

Endodontic program directors who are interested in obtaining a travel grant for an ABE Director visit should first contact an ABE Director living within a reasonable distance of the program to obtain a preliminary verbal agreement that the Director will visit the program. Once this initial arrangement is made, the program director can apply for the grant by writing to [email protected] or College of Diplomates, P.O. Box 4769, East Lansing, MI 48826. Assuming that the program meets the eligibility criteria, approval is possible within several weeks.

An endodontic residency program is eligible for travel grant funds if:

  • An ABE Director has not visited the program within the last (3) years.
  • A preliminary agreement has been reached with an ABE Director to visit the program.
  • The College Board of Directors has approved travel grant funds for the academic year.

With travel funds for guest seminarians very limited in most endodontic programs, the College’s travel grant program is designed to enable program directors to offer their residents a first hand exposure to Directors of the ABE and the valuable information and insights they have on the who, why and how of board certification.