Conference Calls – A Review of the ABE Oral Exam Process

Conference call content has been removed pending further review and evaluation by the College of Diplomates and the ABE.

Please find the oral exam scorecard used by the ABE examiners and by our examiners during mock orals. ABE Oral Exam Scorecard

Mock Oral Exam Opportunity at Annual Board Review Course

Mock Orals/Case Portfolios

In addition to our board review course, we would like to share with you an exciting upcoming opportunity for active endodontic candidates to participate in onsite Mock Orals and Case Portfolio reviews. This mentoring opportunity is being offered virtually by the College of Diplomates as an extension of the Board Review Course.

Mock Orals will take place  Saturday and Sunday, February 26-27, 2022.  Please feel free to share this information with others you know that are seeking mentorship as they prepare to take on the challenge of their ABE Boards. We have 24 slots available for Mock Orals. Please register online for the Board Review Course and register here to sign up for Mock Orals. If you need more information please reach out to Dr. John Neal [email protected] or Aimee Rylko at [email protected]